Kidlit Helping Migrant Kids

Like so many of my fellow kidlit writers, I’ve been horrified by news of migrant children separated from their families and kept apart from them—often in deplorable, inhumane conditions. So, I’ve signed on with Writers for Families Belong Together to raise money to reunite children and parents. By donating $50, you can enter a raffle to win a science picture book critique by me. A $25 donation lets you enter to win four of my signed books: The Honeybee Man, A Heart Just Like My Mother’s, and Nat Geo’s Absolute Expert: Volcanoes and Absolute Expert: Dinosaurs. Find details here. Enter once or enter multiple times; either way, know you’re helping reunite vulnerable would-be American citizens fleeing dangerous or otherwise intolerable conditions in their countries of origin. Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 8.11.47 AM.png

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