Bats, Seeds & Volcanoes

I’ve had a busy writing year so far, and some weeks, articles publish one on top of the other. Three have gone live this week already, covering some of my favorite topics:

Among hibernating bats, some species have been dangling near extinction as their populations are ravaged by white-nose syndrome. Is there any end to the devastation in sight? Possibly, as I discuss in my latest story for Sierra.

SIERRA Good News for Bats scientists handling WB.jpg

Worldwide, we’re losing crop species diversity, which has direct implications on climate change and the future of our ability to eat. In this piece for Civil Eats, I talk to a young farmer about his efforts to produce seeds for resilient food plants.


And for Mental Floss, I spoke with four volcanologists about their work on land, under the sea, and out in the solar system.


Science matters!

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