Brooklyn Spoon

The news today is that my food-loving Brooklyn daughter has started her own food blog! Check out her inaugural post here, in honor of one of our favorite household food items: the bagel. Don’t forget to sign up to get new posts delivered tight to your inbox. And today only, vote for your favorite kind of bagel!


One thought on “Brooklyn Spoon

  1. Ada, you are a very talented young lady. I enjoyed your first blog. I too love bagels, but unfortunately don’t have a bagel shop near us and they don’t sell lox. Just flavored cream cheeses. The East End of Long Island pretty well shuts down in the winter. There is a bagel shop in Southold, but certainly not within walking distance. We have to buy ours in the grocery store. You are lucky to live where you do and have so many things at your disposal. Good luck with your blogging. I will be looking for it. Aunt Alice


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