So Many Books…

Behold, the not one but two stacks of Middle Grade and YA fiction that await me (with more books and advance readers copies on the way almost every day):


Where to begin? Admittedly, my indecision has a lot to do with the fact that I just finished this:


And am eagerly awaiting the release of this next Tuesday:


And since no books in these stacks fit neatly into either the mystery or sci-fi categories, I find myself sort of stumped. This is the drawback of getting hooked on genres, and also on series: finish a good one and you have no idea where to go next. All you want is to find more books that appeal to you in exactly the same ways as the ones you’ve just read. And no author can write that profusely, or that quickly. 

Anyone out there have favorite mystery and sci-fi series? Please write in. We’re desperate—I mean, eager—to hear from you!

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