Genre of the Week: Mystery!

My sixth grade daughter, Ada, has finally discovered my favorite book genre from my own adolescence: the mystery! After years of insisting she was too afraid to read (or hear) anything even remotely suspenseful, she’s completely come around and is now hooked; in fact, she’s just brought home a new mystery from her school book fair and is putting in extra speed-reading time so she can finish the two (non-mystery) books she’s currently embroiled in and get back to mysterious business. What did it was a galley I brought home for her from work, of this new title:


It has a charmingly amusing title and, half-way into my read of it, I’d say it gives a nice nod in theme and tone to some of my own favorite mystery stories. Namely, books like this:


And this:


And of course, this:

The likes of which so paralyzed me with terror me as I read them on my living room couch before bedtime that I would slam their covers shut and profess to my parents that they were too frightening to continue. Then, insatiable curiosity would get the better of me and, with one eye shut, I’d finish the chapter and tuck myself into bed—where I would lie sleepless and afraid for hours in the dark.

Hurray that Ada has finally caught this bug! I can’t wait to see what manner of mysteries she starts to haul home—and if any of my old favorites will ever make the cut. 

Do you have any favorite mysteries? Write in and tell me what they are!

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