Thinking of Judy Blume


This spring, Judy Blume’s books have all been re-released, with snazzy new covers. And of course, this prompted a lot of musing in and around my house, about firsts, and favorites. For reasons I’m still a little unclear about, my parents forbade me to read Judy Blume—then again, these are the same people who’d march me out of a movie if there was any kissing in it or, crime of all crimes, nudity. So my response was to steal the books from the library.

The first? Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret. I read it by flashlight under my bedcovers in the middle of the night. I remember liking it just fine, and also being slightly confused by it. And then, when I was through with it, literally throwing it out the window to avoid 1. being caught with it by my mother and 2. being caught attempting to return it to the library. 

Do you remember your first and favorite Judy Blume book? Write in and tell us about it.

2 thoughts on “Thinking of Judy Blume

  1. And from Kari: “Will, my nearly 10 year old has been on a Judy Blume kick lately. I like that she has characters boys and girls find compelling…and adults. I loved Judy Blume, and remember sneaking a peek inside Wifey when my mom checked it out from the library. I found it quite fascinating.”


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