Writing for Adults

My agriculture, food/policy, science, environment, and travel articles have appeared in  Civil Eats, Ensia, Edible Brooklyn/ManhattanFoodPrint, Gastro ObscuraHakaiJSTOR Daily, NPR’s The Salt, New Food EconomySierra, Mental FlossMorning CalmRoads & Kingdoms, Time Out New York Kids, Washington Post, and many other outlets. I’m also a 2019 Fromson Science Journalism fellow. 

I’m especially proud of a trio of articles I wrote for Civil Eats about childhood food insecurity: about children’s own perception of the food situation in their homes, which was picked up by Slate; about California’s public libraries acting as hubs for summer lunch programs; and about the connection between knowing how to cook as an adolescent, longterm healthy eating habits, and the need for increased access to healthy food—an Aspen Institute top pick of the day.

I’ve also published essays in Natural Bridge (with a short-list shout-out in Best American Travel Writing), Gastronomica, Petits Propos Culinaires, Far & Near, Descant, Full CircleThe Rockhurst Review, Raven Chronicles, Hotel America, and several anthologies. 

I’ve written about parenting, and topics (like books and recent science) relevant to parents and kids, for over a decade: for the Washington Posts “On Parenting” blog, ParentsFamilyFun, MommyNearest, Mothering, and The Horn Book Guide, and various regional parenting publications. I was founding editor of UrbanFamily, focusing on family-centric entrepreneurs in New York, California, Chicago, DC, and Seattle. Prior to that, I covered celebrities, entrepreneurs, health, food, books, travel, and news, for Working Mother. These days, I also cover the business of publishing for Publisher’s Weekly, and Florida-based companies for Gulfshore Business.

Finally, I’m the author of 16 books for adults, about food, and cooking, and material culture.